Super Strategies!

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What an exciting week we have had this week – especially with our trip to Landmark yesterday! We had a fantastic time – pictures to follow! We have also been working hard on our maths doing multiplication and division and beginning to learn about fractions!

The Masterminds were working on 4 digit numbers, thinking about how many tens and hundreds are in the whole number. The Brainboxes were using their knowledge of 2 5 and 10 x table facts to work out very tricky new problems, like 22 x 5! Grace worked this out by breaking the 22 into 20 and 2. She worked out that 20 x 5 was 100 first, then adding the 2 x 5 to give 110! Well done! The Smarty Pants and Clever Clogs worked on linking multiplication and division problems. Heather worked out that 20 divided by 4 was 5 then used this fact to give the multiplication fact 4 x 5 = 20! Fantastic work Heather!

Do you like the photos of our outdoor art? The girls made this fantastic design during lunchtime and we had to take a photo because we thought it was so beautiful!

In reading we have all been working on novels in our groups and have been doing some amazing reading and thinking – well done everyone! It has also been great to see people taking in books they have been enjoying a home and reading them to the class! Keep up the good work!

Well done for another fantastic week everyone – I hope you all have a lovely weekend and a good rest ready for Sports Day next Tuesday!


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Wonderful writing

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We did some wonderful pieces of writing this week! We reflected on our learning for our reports, then edited our work and finally redrafted it so we can send it home with our reports next week – we can’t wait to show you! It was great sharing our work with each other – we are getting so confident reading our writing aloud.

The Gruffalos have been reading about volcanoes this week and we loved to see the pictures and magma that were brought in – thank you! We also loved the Pirate Prance performed by the Ladybirds – aarrrrrr!!!! It is great to share our books with each other and see how much progress we have all made in reading aloud.

This week we have been very lucky to see the lovely starfish in the photo and the trophy for our resident bowling champion too – what an exciting week!

Hope to see you all at the Summer Fair tomorrow!





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Super Sunflowers!

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We have been planting lots of seeds the last two weeks! We are hoping to have lots of plants to sell at the Summer Fayre on the 1st June. So far we have lots of sunflowers and some courgettes too. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the sweet peas germinate too!

This week we had lots of fun in music too. Lucy liked when we learned some new songs and games, like “Who has a brother?” and “Button and Key”. See if you can teach someone at home some of our games! Jenny was very interested in our RME work this week when we learned about a special journey that Muslims go on once in their lives – it’s called Hajj.

Thank you so much to everyone for completing their numeracy surveys – it’s great to see what everyone thinks! Tyler loves doing his division in his group and is so confident in working out hard problems. He thinks he is getting much better at dividing because he knows lots of facts like doubles and multiplication facts – well done Tyler! Lennon loves using playing cards to help him with his two times table facts and Caron likes playing the Ladybirds game to practise her double facts. Jenny and Andrew enjoy doing our Basic Facts test on Fridays – it’s fun to see how well we are doing on our graphs! Lucy was so proud that she got 20/20 for her doubles facts today and is now going on to work on how many decades in 100! Jenny is now going on to 2 x table facts! Everyone’s graphs are going up and up! I am so proud of you all – keep up the great work!

Well done for another fantastic week of hard work and fantastic learning – have a great weekend everyone!


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Marvellous music!

IMG_2994 IMG_2995

We have been doing some fantastic music this week. We are getting so good at keeping the beat, fast or slow, and following different rhythms and tunes. When we had a visit from this Russian gentleman called Max he was so impressed that he asked if we would like to hear him play and sing some Russian tunes on his guitar! He was fantastic and we loved hearing the story of his songs.

In art this week we did some wonderful paintings inspired by Van Gogh – we used very thick paint and bold brush strokes then added texture using the end of our brush. It was lots of fun but VERY messy – sorry for all the washing! We just got so excited! Some people have taken in aprons or big t-shirts for when we do messy activities – this is a great way to have fun but not get TOO messy. Hopefully we will get them displayed soon to show you our great work!

Thank for all the lovely comments on the Portfolios – everyone loved taking them home to show you!

Have a great weekend everyone!



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Big excitement today as the Portfolios are on their way home to you! We are very excited to show you all our fantastic work and learning. Hope you have a great time looking over them – don’t forget to leave a comment to say what you think. I am sure you will all be as proud as I am!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Smoothies for Sale!


We have very exciting news- P3 are going to be selling smoothies in the Summer House from this week! We loved their rap to tell us all about it! Here is a note from P3 explaining all the details:


We are primary three and we will be selling smoothies in the summerhouse at breaks starting next week. They will cost £1.00 each and there will be tokens and if you come you will get stamp once you get 8 stamps you get a smoothie free. We will be delighted if you could come to our smoothie launch on Thursday and Friday to buy the first smoothies (times to be confirmed).  Come and get your fruity healthy smoothie. Thanks!

from primary three!


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Amazing Artists!

IMG_2908 IMG_2909 IMG_2910 IMG_2911 IMG_2912 IMG_2913

This week we learned about Edvard Munch and we looked at lots of his paintings. We decided to create our own versions of his painting “The Scream”. Let us know what you think – we are always delighted to get comments and feedback!

Caitlin thought it was really fun making her picture and loved the effect we got by marbling to make our angry sky! We had to be really careful when we used our oil pastels.

Natasha liked drawing the face of the figure in the painting because she liked blending the pastels together to create a smudgy effect.

Jay and Lachlan felt they learned a lot about creating emotions through pictures. We used very dark colours blended with grey and white for the figure because we wanted to make a sad feeling. Then for the sky we used angry colours like orange, yellow and red and used marbling to make a swirly, stormy effect.

Katie thought that the face was very important on the figure – we really wanted to show the sadness through the expression on his face.

We loved seeing how much feeling art can create in people! Hope you like our creations!


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